Sunday, 9 May 2010


I don't want to bore you with more Topshop makeup.. because it seems to everywhere at the moment. But I was in town so went in to have a look.

It was nice, but still more expensive than most drugstore products. So all I got was three of the cream blushes which to me are the stand out product. The eyeshadow pen thing was nice but it's the kind of thing I'd never use. The highlighter was a bit golden and so my ELF bronzer in Luminance would do the same thing for much cheaper.

Dessert lipstick looked nice, but I have Peachstock and it was a similar brown toned peachy nude. Brighton Rock looked quite fun, a bright pink, but it was out of stock, I may go back, I may not. I think it was around €9 which is still pricey enough (Although yay for Topshop not having a scabby exchange rate! They're £8 in the uk!). The maybelline ones are €10 and Barry M ones are cheaper and i'm sure you could find a similar bright pink!

So here's my stuffs, I'm not gonna swatch them because I'm going to do a post on cream blushes.

So I got Nutmeg, Neon Rose and Flush, and that is all :)


  1. i really want to try neon rose :)
    i've just got to get round to going into town :O
    Was a lot of stuff sold out?


  2. No, most stuff was there, all I could see that was sold out was Brighton Rock lipstick!

    It was quite civilised and not messy at all actually! I did check the compacts inside the boxes though to make sure the seals weren't broken!